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 Crete is the largest island in the archipelago of Greece. Crete is the largest and the most populated, having once been called Kaptara. 

Crete's history runs deep, spanning from the early 18th century BC, Hellenes other known as Greek people. Crete's record speaks for itself, where you will walk the streets and encounter visualization of Greek-style building designs. 

Ippokampos deemed the fish tavern allows you to appreciate the Greece seafood style of eating. High ratings for the services and well-balanced portions of food. Greek-style zucchini meatballs served with salmon patties and Ceasar salad. Plates of pasta are always an option for your average foodie—a high rating for Ippokampos restaurant.

Georges Yard is a Greek cuisine that offers large portions of foods with tasty variations of lamb. A Matala gem hidden in Crete offers healthier choices to please your taste buds. Service is great as your waitress greets you with a smile. Don't worry, and some waitresses speak English as most Greece schools teach English as a second language in earlier schooling. Communication won't be complicated; however, a tour guild is sometimes needed. 

For History Lovers

The Roman Agora is a beautiful site revealing details in roman architecture, a huge building located in Athens, Attica. The Romans were always intelligent people achieving vast building designs by the early 15BC. 

North the tour continues to the temple of Ares, justifying the use of a concert hall. The Roman Agora was built to replace the old agora east of the Roman agora. The site has not been fully excavated. There is also a souvenir shop where you can take home a reminder of your visit. The main room has more artifacts from early 15 BC, worth browsing. 

    To experience Greece for what it is truly worth, I would advise hiring a local travel guild to assess any needs better; apart from the museum and restaurant, there are a lot more activities to explore. But Greece is a Cluster of islands worth taking in as an experience. 

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