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Slab City,
Salvation Mountain 

A hiking experience, to say the least; if you aren't from California, hiking around these parts is the best method of enjoying the vast deserts of California. 

Up for a tour try

Glamis Rentals provides UTVs and ATVs for sand tours whether you have 2 or 4 people groups. Ride along the dunes exploring California deserts. Worried about crashing, you will be provided with insurance to ease the burden off of inexperienced drivers and riders.

Salvation Mountain, located in Slab City, has been a monument. The mountain offers historical details into its origins of how it was built and structured to retain its presence. Salvation Mountain was constructed to be two different monuments clarifying Leonard's message of love, freedom, and peace. Without offering more spoilers, please visit their website or schedule a tour! 

Salvation Mountain — Salvation Mountain (salvationmountaininc.org)

Within the eccentric start lurks an immense desert ranging from 20 degrees at night to over 100 degrees during the day. In Slab City, you are free to camp wherever you choose. The night skies will amaze you in the California desert and have you dreaming peacefully without being disturbed by wildlife. 

Niland California has a couple of good eats Buckshot Deli, American Legion Club, and Donut Avenue if you feel for something sweet in the heat. 

Buckshot Deli & Diner serves mostly Mexican foods; however, these are some of the most flavorful. Thirsty, try their iced tea; you can't complain about the food or drinks: great food, customer service, and people in general. 

Donut Avenue is a classic street food restaurant that serves Mexican, breakfast, and burgers. In addition, Donut Avenue will be sure to serve you with tasty variations of pizzas and burgers. 

American Legion Club is great for military members who served or served and would like to be connected to others who served. The Legion is a bar with an online sign-up for programs to benefit veterans or service members. Check the link below for more on how veterans help strengthen America.  

The American Legion a U.S. Veterans Association

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