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 New Jersey is that state, a state comprising of different backgrounds, activities and is an atmosphere that's taken in slowly. A word that describes new jersey is its authenticity. 

New Jersey has historical landmarks found in its museum in Newark, formally called the Newark Museum of Art. Here you will experience art quality spanning from earlier years 1800 - present. There is no guided tour, and it is advised not to touch the art. However, the art dives into why New Jersey has its culture today. You are invited to see global African art to classic American art; click plan event to make your reservation. 


Click the link below to donate to continue preserving the Newark Museum of Art.

Donate | Newark Museum of Art (newarkmuseumart.org)


New Jersey's authenticity starts with its restaurant, whether you crave Italian, Mercato Tomato Pie, made-to-order pastas, and pizzas with fresh ingredients and a tasty menu. The Waitresses there have quality customer service with a smile.  

The Spanish Tavern is another choice to serve exotic foods and great-tasting wines. At the tavern, you have servers who want to engage you in a Latin experience when selecting the foods, you expect from a Spanish restaurant. 

 All Points West Distillery is a great experience as you learn of the different variations of blends to craft either beer, wine, cognac, vodka, or gin. While on this tour, you will be pleased to find yourself drinking and learning of the distillery's history and the pioneers who started its 100-proof

journey. Yes, they serve the high-proof alcoholic beverages that will warm you in the cold New Jersey weather. Additionally, all points west distillery engages its customers to ask more in-depth questions about their crafting of reasonable blends of whiskey and vodkas. Prices are affordable from $28 to $130. 5 Star customer service a must-visit. 

Need extra site seeing after your meal?

New Jersey's Branch brook park has a trail worth walking as the city of old school buildings reveals a sense of calm. The activities on the trail range from soccer, baseball, and football. While visiting, I recommend making the trail around 8-12. Why? The sun comes up, making it more reasonable to be outside with New jersey's colder weather. 


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