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Explore locations, whether it be prices at a location on islands, states or providences we will inform you of the best stays, hotels and activities.


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Puerto Rico! What a great experience! I had a wonderful time, Restaurant to tr…

The Ivy Asia

Have you visited London, UK recently? Well, let's explore one of   DreamVac…

Blue Mountains of Jamaica

One of my many  Dreamvacati  was to climb the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Blue…

Dream Greece Islands

Crete is the largest island in the archipelago of Greece. Crete is the largest…

Dream California Deserts, USA

California  Slab City, Salvation Mountain  A hiking experience, to say the le…

Dream New Jersey, USA

New Jersey is that state, a state comprising of different backgrounds, activi…

Dream Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Dream Ocho Rios, Jamaica by Dreamvacai If you have not visited the two previous…

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